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Legal translation is translating texts within the field of
law, as law is a culture-dependent subject field, legal
translation is not a simple task.

There is a large number of business documents
associated with legal terminology, such as in banking
and insurance business sectors, only professional
translators specializing in legal translation should
translate legal documents and scholarly writings.
In legal translations, the mistranslation of a passage
could have irremediable consequences.

Zenith Translations management realizes that the
legal system of the source text is structured in a way
that suits that particular culture and this is reflected in
the legal language; similarly, the target text is to be
read by someone who is familiar with another legal
system and its language.  For this reason, Zenith
Translations management assigns legal translation
tasks to qualified and experienced translators who are
well familiar with the Qatari Judicial System and the
Qatari Law.  

If exposed to legal actions in Qatar, you need the local
attorneys, judges and clerks to understand perfectly
the translated documents into Arabic language.  On
the other hand, for proceeding legal action abroad; you
need to have documents written in Arabic language
translated into English, in reflecting all their
weaknesses, errors, inconsistencies, flaws and false

Most forms of legal writings, and contracts in
particular, seek to establish clearly defined rights and
duties for certain individuals or entities.  It is essential
to ensure precise correspondence of these rights and
duties in the source text and in the translation.
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