Incontestably, translating marketing literature
appearing in all types of advertisement media is a
very distinguished task; this is because the source
marketing language uses many culture related
ideas, remarks, puns, symbols and metaphors to
promote a product or a service.   

If literally translated, this marketing language will
lose its charming power that is based on intelligent,
pleasant phrases and words connected together in a
purposeful sequence.  In most cases, this will result
in a meaningless translation, and sometimes the
result could be ridiculous and offensive.  This is
directly the opposite of the desired result.

Zenith Translations management realizes that
translation is not an exact science, and believes that
each language has its own words to express
meanings.  Therefore, a well experienced translator
in marketing and in his native language should have
no problem in such translation tasks.  The more
talent he has and the more time giving to him
ensures spectacular results.
What is your marketing media in which your
translation project exists?  

A website or a blog, corporate brochure or leaflet,
business presentation or a simple invitation card.  
In all cases, there is no room for error, or even for the
slightest uncertainty.  Your marketing language has
to be meaningful in the sense you have prescribed.     

At Zenith Translations, we blend with your marketing
ideas, strategies and plans and conceive an
equivalent translation that reacts to your image and
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