There are many services that are needed beside the
translation service; all those additional services are
directly related and part of your translation project.
Therefore, Zenith Translations provides the following
services as an integrated part of any translation
Sometime, your company needs only to know what
kind of information they have in hand, therefore, you
do not have to go for full translation option, and you
may use gist or for-information translation options.

Simply, a gist gives you brief information about your
translation project, giving you the chance to select the
needed parts to be translated. This is saving time
and money.

A for-information translation is a fast translation
service intended to enable you to have a complete
idea about your translation project.  A for-information
translation is for internal use, not for publishing,
because it is not an elaborated translation and does
not respect the regular translation standards.
What is the final destination of your translated
Perhaps, you are going to present it to some clients,
associates or concerned authorities.
You are going to publish it as your website or
corporate brochure.
Or maybe, you are going to use it internally inside
your company for information purposes .
Typesetting involves the
presentation of your text in
graphic form on paper or
some other media.

Using desktop publishing
software, we are ready to
deliver your translation
project almost in any desired
layout, in a website, brochure,
CD or paper.  
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This graphic design
consists of the deliberate
selection, creation and
arrangement of your text
and photos.  Zenith
Translations' creative team
has all the right answers
to your needs, including
defining concepts,
images, objects and
decorations required for a
successful layout
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