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A good translation could be priceless.
Providing a quotation for a translation project is not
readymade and depends on many factors, primarily
the subject, size, and delivery time of a project.

There are other factors related to problems with the
source text and language that need to be remedied
before starting translating.  These problems could be
difficult-to-read text, incomplete text, poorly written text
including ambiguity or incomprehensibility.

Zenith Translations management believes that there
are certain costs for the translation production
process that bring the translation service price up to a
value that can not be compromised.  It is useless to
look for prices below this value because this literally
means sacrificing the quality of your translated project.
Translation is inherently a difficult activity; translators
could face additional problems which make the
process even more difficult, therefore, cheap
translation means that your translation provider used
machine translation, or your translation provider is
only one person, translating, proofreading and quality
controlling himself.

Machine translation and lone freelancer is no match
for a group of committed translation experts working
under prescribed production procedures.  Definitely
the outcome results are not of the same quality.  

Zenith Translations will never overprice a translation
service; on the other hand, we will not provide services
for unreasonable prices.  
This is an equation that we
will be delightful to solve along with our clients.
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