At Zenith Translation, we recruit translators based on
their own perception of quality, translators who
dedicate themselves to produce a final product since
the beginning.
Also, we believe that qualification and correct working
methods are a must, but where we would be without
persistence, perfectionism and devotion to our work.
A project manager will assign a translation task to a
specialized translator.
  • Once translated, the same translator will
    review the product before sending it back to the
    project manager.
  • The project manager will inspect the product
    for any anomalies or incompleteness, and
    then he will forward it to another specialist
    translator for quality controlling.
  • The primary role of the quality controller is to
    examine the product looking for incorrect
    translation.  Once this task is achieved, he will
    look for other decisive factors, which are mainly:

   1. Consistency
    The translation must not contain any form of contradiction resulting from the translation process itself.
       2 . Faithfulness
    The extent to which the translation accurately renders the meaning of the source text without adding to it
    or subtracting from it, and without intensifying or weakening any part of the meaning.
       3 . Transparency
    The extent to which the translation appears to a native speaker of the target language as if it had
    originally been written in that language, and conforms to the language's grammatical, syntactic and
    idiomatic conventions.

    Based on the above decisive factors, the quality controller will forward the product once again to the
    project manager.  The project manager will inspect the product once again before sending it to
    proofreading and grammar checking control.  This is the final product stage.
At each of the above stages, feedback information
is passed to the production management to record
the production process particularities and
malfunctions resulting from whatever internal or
external causes.      

The production management will quality assures
the production process by selecting parts of the
final products and inspecting their compliance to
Zenith Translations' standards.  For convenience
reasons, this final inspection is done during and
after the production process.
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English into Arabic: All our translators are Arabic native

Arabic into English: It is extremely rare to find English native
speakers who speak Arabic as a second language.  

At Zenith Translation, we translate Arabic into English with
extreme care using proper and formal language.  To
guarantee the best results and to gain the best experience,
we use a final quality touch by one of our English native
speakers consultants who would examine the translation
for one decisive factor, which is transparency.
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