Who is the best person to translate your specialized

Definitely, this person should know more than
English and Arabic languages.

At Zenith Translations, we believe in specialization to
translate scientific documents as they should be

Scientific translations demand accuracy and clarity,
only a translator who possesses the proper scientific
background is able to execute such tasks.  
It is not only a matter of language, but it is a matter of
understanding the translated subject.
Zenith Translations management realizes very well
the complexity of each document to be translated, for
example, translating a user manual for a home
appliance machine has its characteristics, but it is
more demanding to translate a user manual for
heavy machine equipment.

Also, it is more and more demanding to translate a
scientific research about fluid flow in pipes subjected
to heat transfer during the process.  This is really a
specialized study and needs a translator who
possesses a scientific background in Mechanical
Engineering, Heat Transfer, and Gas Dynamics.

Zenith Translations management assigns projects to
specialized translators who understand the matter
subject, also, our translators always refer to senior
translators whenever they encounter difficulties in
their tasks.

Our key rule is assigning the right translator since the
Technical Terminology
to find Arabic translations for each technical term.  
The task is massive, not impossible, but far from
being realized, mainly due the incredible
technological development in the last decades.  
However, there are many good scientific dictionaries
that represent the base and guidelines for translating
the existing terms and virtual new technological
terms in any science field.   
Our customers must
realize that in scientific
translations there are
many terms that simply
need to be transliterated
and many others need to
be translated word for
word .

The Arabic Language
Institute at Damascus is
the leader in the Arab world
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Zenith Translations
management knows
that it is essential for
translators to be well
aware of the
development of
scientific translation in
the Arab world, in order
to be able to provide
excellent scientific
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